Frequently Asked Questions

In order for Brush Pilot to function properly, brushes should not be stored in the "Library" folder, or the ~ Applications/Photoshop CSX Folder. ~ Applications/Photoshop CSX/Presets/Brushes is where the "Installed" brushes reside, however if you store brushes directly in the ~ Applications/Photoshop CSX Folder, they will show up as installed brushes pane in Brush Pilot.

1. I can't see anything when I launch Brush Pilot.
You must select a file before you will see a preview.

2. I select a folder and nothing happens.
Brush Pilot previews Photoshop Brush files. Since there can be multiple brush files in a folder, you must select an individual brush file in order to preview it. Brush Pilot cannot preview entire folders.

3. I installed some brushes, but I still can't see them in the list in the Photoshop brushes palette.
Brushes that you install from Brush Pilot will appear in the brushes palette list the next time Photoshop is restarted.

4. I have a brush file that Brush Pilot won't open.
Most likely, the brush file you're trying to preview is corrupted or truncated. You can send any brush files that you are unable to open to brushpilot[at]gmail[dot]com and we'll get to the bottom of it.

5. Why can I only select one brush file at a time?
Since there can be hundreds of individual brushes in a single brush file, Brush Pilot only previews 1 file at a time.

6. How can I install more than one brush file at once?
Currently, you can only install 1 brush file at a time.

7. Do I need to have Photoshop installed to use Brush Pilot?
No. You can preview brush files even if Photoshop is not installed.

8. Can Brush Pilot preview GIMP or Corel Paint Shop Pro Brushes?
No. Brush Pilot currently only previews Adobe Photoshop .abr files.

9. Do I always have to manually update my software when new versions are released?
No. As of version 1.0.4 (released January 23rd, 2010) Brush Pilot will automatically check for updates using the Sparkle framework. To manually check for an update, you can go to the Help menu and select "Check for Updates." If you do not have the latest version, I recommend installing it immediately. It can be downloaded from the homepage.

10. Do you have any plans for a Windows version?

11. Is there any way to tell BP not to scan an external Hard Drive?
Not yet. This is on the list for a future release.

12. I only see the installed brushes. I can't see any "Uninstalled" brushes?
Most likely, this is a Spotlight indexing problem. *(However, if you're running CS3 in a language other than English, see the comment below). Other wise, you can try 2 things: (in order)

A) Open Brush Pilot, and then move the folder that contains all of your brushes to a different location (like the Documents folder for example). If BP finds everything, move it back, and you're good to go.


B) Force Spotlight to re-index the folder containing your brushes:

You can do it 2 ways:

or 2.
use the Terminal: mdimport ~/path to folder/FolderName

*If you are running CS3 in a language other than English, there is a known issue with how BP finds your files. We have fixed this bug for the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Swedish. If you don't see your language here and you are running CS3, please email us and we can resolve the problem for your language.

If you have question that you don't see here, or to report a bug, please feel free to contact us.