Brush Pilot - A brush browser designed for the Mac

Fully compatible with Photoshop (versions 7, CS and up), and Photoshop Elements

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Spanish (Español)
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Swedish (Svenska)
Brush Reading
Lightweight footprint
Generates previews fast
Previews 8, 16, and 32-bit brush files
Reads all known brush formats, including computed (calligraphic) brushes
Reads brush files for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
Finds all the brushes on your system automatically and quickly
"Show Volumes" menu command will show complete file hierarchy, arranged by volume
Zoom in and out to choose the preview size you prefer
“Reveal in Finder” menu and contextual menu commands
“Delete File” menu and contextual menu commands
“Install” menu and contextual menu commands
Brush files can open in Brush Pilot by double clicking on their icons in the Finder
File Path Display to currently selected file or folder
Double clicking on folders in the File Path Display will open them in Finder.
Keyboard shortcuts
File Count Indicators show how many files are in each folder
Export as PNG (8, 16, and 32-bit brushes)
Brush Pilot includes the Sparkle framework for automatic updates. (As of version 1.0.4)
Basic Printing


Brush Pilot is a fast and easy to use Photoshop brush previewer designed for the Mac. Brush Pilot is integrated with Spotlight, so once you launch it, it automatically finds every folder on your machine that contains a brush file. No need to scroll through your entire file system, only the brush files. If you don't know where a brush file is located, you can "Reveal" its location in Finder.


Without activation, Brush Pilot will only display 5 brushes per file. To activate Brush Pilot, you can purchase a license and you will receive an activation code within minutes. Once you receive your activation code, go to the "Brush Pilot" menu and select "License." Enter the activation code and Brush Pilot will be fully unlocked.

The Browser

The browser has 3 panes. One is the preview window where it will display your brushes. The top file pane displays all the brush files on your machine that are not installed in Photoshop. In the bottom file pane, you'll find all of the brushes that are currently installed into any of the Photoshop versions on your Mac, as well as Photoshop Elements.

External HD's and Partitions - No Problem

If you go to the "View" menu and select "Show Volumes" BP will separate your files by volume. It can even browse a mounted iDisk as well as external HD's.

The Need for Speed

Brush Pilot is fast, really fast. If you encounter a large brush file with a ton of individual brushes in it, Brush Pilot will display each (individual) brush one at a time, so you don't have to wait for the entire file to load before you start seeing previews.

Useful Info

If you hover your mouse cursor over and individual thumbnail preview, Brush Pilot will display the name and pixel dimensions of each brush in a tool tip.


You can either use the Menu, Control/Right + Click, keyboard shortcuts (see below), or the toolbar buttons to easily install or move any of your files to the Trash. Brushes you install from Brush Pilot will appear in the list of brushes in your brushes palette the next time Photoshop is restarted.


Brush Pilot also has a zoom feature. You can control the zoom with the menu, keyboard shortcuts (see below), or the zoom slider at the bottom of the window.

Live Update

Since Brush Pilot is tightly integrated with Spotlight, it will instantly see any changes you make to files. If you rename, copy, move, duplicate or delete a file in Finder, Brush Pilot will make a live update to the file list it displays, preventing the need to refresh or restart.

Stays out of your way

Only one window can be open at a time, and closing Brush Pilot will quit the application.

Automatic Software Updates

Brush Pilot (as of version 1.0.4) includes the Sparkle framework, which will automatically notify users when an update is available. You can instantly download, install and relaunch without ever visiting a website. You can also manually check for updates by going to the "Help" menu.


As of version 1.0.5, Brush Pilot includes a basic printing function.

File Path Display

Brush Pilot displays the path to the currently selected file or folder in a Finder-like File Path Display in the bottom of the window, giving the user the ability to see instantly on what hard drive the selected file resides. Double clicking on folders in file path display will open them in Finder.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Function Shortcut
Hide ⌘H
Hide Others ⌥⌘H
Quit ⌘Q
Open ⌘O
Close ⌘W
Reveal in Finder ⌘R
Show Volumes ⌥⌘A
Install Brush File ⌘T
Move to Trash ⌘⌫
Export as PNG ⌘E
Zoom In ⌘+
Zoom Out ⌘-
Print ⌘P
Scroll Up Fast (Preview Window) Page Up
Scroll Down Fast (Preview Window) Page Down
Expand/Collapse Folders Return/Enter